Exploring + Job Hunting

I haven’t been sleeping much lately, perhaps due to the excitement of being in NYC, but today I woke up refreshed and motivated (once coffee and oatmeal were consumed of course). I started my day with a 5 mile walk + run, bought some fresh fruit at a local food vendor, and went on my way.

My goal:

To apply for jobs…

For those of you who don’t know me, my life has been in limbo for a couple months now. In November, I received amazing news: I was accepted into NYU’s Clinical Nutrition Master’s program. Then in December, I graduated with Bachelor degrees in Dance and Dietetics.

That’s me! Oh and my dad’s to the right of me. He thinks I’m funny…obviously.

So I graduated…then what? A trip to the Dominican Republic of course! And then lots and lots of food and wine later (and my birthday!!!), and I’m finally in New York, a few (okay more than a few) pounds heavier and jobless (temporarily, I hope).

But there’s nothing like a bustling city to get me motivated again. And that’s exactly what happened.

Always a student at heart, I figured the library would be the best place to stay focused and apply for jobs.

Is your library this beautiful??

I applied…and applied…and tweaked my résumé…and wrote cover letter after cover letter. Finally I HAD to eat. So I wandered (as usual) and found Argo Tea (anything with the word “tea” always has my attention) and got this:

Vegan Garden Lentil Salad and Maté Latte – just what I needed!

Since tomorrow’s my first day of grad school, I thought it would be best to act like a responsible adult and prepare food for the week (of course food is always at the forefront of my mind).



And now it’s 2 in the morning…there goes my attempt to be a responsible adult. 🙂

Come back tomorrow to find out what those vegetables get used for and to see how my first day as a grad student went!


5 thoughts on “Exploring + Job Hunting

  1. This is perfect. I am so happy you are doing this. I miss you so much already :/ but i’ve told you that, what, four times now! I am so happy you are loving it there! 🙂 and I am soo soo happy chase, nick, and I are roadtripping to come see you over spring break! AHH! I CANT WAIT!

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