“You dreamt, you believed, you aspired and you achieved.”

This post is honor of my parents. My outstanding, loving parents. Who believe in me no matter what crazy decision I decide to make next.  Like moving to New York for example. They probably didn’t think it was the most logical, well-thought out decision I had ever made, but boy did they support me. And drive me and my precious belongings to the city, a (not-so short) ride of about 11 hours. So yea, they’re pretty awesome. And today, I got a little surprise in the mail: a little reminder that my parents really do love me, a card that they wrote, that among other things said:

“You dreamt, you believed, you aspired and you achieved.”


At my Honors College graduation…aren’t we cute?

Another thing my parents gave…my love for fruit. My undying, dedication to almost every fruit you can think of, everything but papayas…those are a different story. We have plenty of fruit in my household everyday, but it doesn’t last long. A basket of fruit will be gone in the course of a day…and I’m an only child.

And so with my love for fruit, came a curiosity of incorporating non-traditional fruits into traditional dishes. Like yogurt parfaits, for example…sure strawberries and blueberries are a predictable choice, but what about pomegranates?


Pomegranates are full of antioxidants, Vitamin C, and B vitamins…all that for only about 100 calories per fruit…there’s a reason they’re called superfruits.


As great as this fruit is, it makes you work for it. Deseeding a pomegranate is not an easy task. It’s going to get messy, the seeds will go flying, and your white shirt will have pomegranate juice specks all over it.



NEVER, ever wear a white shirt while deseeding a pomegranate. If this is common sense, however, pretend I never said nor did that.


Pomegranate & Pepita Granola Greek Yogurt Parfait:

Makes 1 parfait

1 6-oz container of 0% fat Greek yogurt

1/2 pomegranate 

1/4 cup pumpkin flax granola (I prefer Nature’s Valley Pumkin Flax Granola)

In a bowl, combine the ingredients together, swirl, and enjoy. This is perfect as a snack, a light lunch, or a post-workout meal.


The Greek yogurt alone provides 18g of protein for only 100 calories, making this a low-calorie, protein-rich meal. P1030562The granola not only has pumpkin seeds, but flax seeds as well, both of which are high in omega-3 fatty acids.



Mom and Dad, if you guys are reading this, I love and miss you!


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