And so much has happened. These past few months have had their share of ups AND downs, and although there were some things I would have changed, I’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way. 

Some of the ups:

I visited my family and friends in Michigan (twice). 

I was matched to the NewYork Presbyterian Hospital Dietetic Internship (!!!), and will be starting that in February. This is one of the most exciting things that has happened to me so far since moving to New York, and I will probably have to spend a whole blog post explaining exactly why, but basically, it puts me one step closer to becoming an R.D.!

The boyfriend came to visit and spent a whole week falling in love with the city with me. 

I finished my first semester of grad school at NYU. 

I started a really cool blogging internship with FiTMAPPED.

…and, like I said, I learned some valuable lessons. All in all, the city is making me grow up. Its making me fight for what I want, which in turn is helping me realize exactly what I want, and how to go about getting that. I’ve learned how to balance everything in my life (the hard way, of course), and that I can’t do everything, but that I have to put 100% into what I do…actually, scratch that…130%, because there’s always going to be someone going after the same things as you – the same goals, the same jobs, the same aspirations – and you know what, they might even be better than you, but hey, if you put in ALL of your effort, and I mean ALL OF IT, then you won’t regret anything. I know this is a jumble of thoughts all smashed together and competing for attention, but I’ll focus more on them later. For now, I’m just glad to be back at this. In some ways, blogging is just as therapeutic as a good yoga class or a sweaty run. 


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