Weekend Update with Alena!

So I recently started an internship for FiTMAPPED as a blog contributor. Every Friday, I’ll be posting a “Weekend Update with Alena” on the FiTMAPPED Fit Blog for fitness, food, and lifestyle events happening in NYC. You can find my first blog post for FiTMAPPED here.

I know I just started, but I’m excited for all of the opportunities that this internship will give me. It has already motivated me to make fitness a larger part of my life. With the stresses of moving to a new city (and not any city, NYC sure isn’t for the weak at heart), starting my first semester of grad school, and working for most of the day, I sort of…kind of…really let fitness go on the wayside. But no more! I’m vowing to make this summer a healthy and active one, and I’ll be documenting my adventures along the way. Not only that, but I’ve also started to think outside the box and consider options outside of basic (sometimes boring) gym exercises, and New York is swarming with free fitness classes and passes that pat the “I have no money” excuse on the back, and say “Nice try kiddo, but that’s not going to fly this time.”

Have a happy (and healthy) weekend!


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